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Popular series of lamps

Lamp series are very special, which we are very excited about at AndLight. Below you can get an overwiew of the most popular lamp series available in todays variety of designer lamps. If you click on the different lamp series, you will get an overview of the differnt models and colors of each lamp series. With a lamp series, the home can be tied together by lightning because they all fit together in their design. The lamp series should of course fit the rest of the furniture. We are happy to help you with adive and guidance if you are in doubt. We have the perfect lamp series for every taste: just have a look at the different possibilities.

Do not hesitate to call us on the phone +45 4444 6244 or per e-mail info@andlight.com if you have any questions regarding a lamp series or in general.

Why choose a lamp series?

A series of lamps creates a connection between the lighting in different places in the same room or also between different rooms. Instead of having many unequal lamps at home, you will get a central theme that links your devices harmonically. Therefore a lamp series is an excellent way to underline the style and general design choices of a home. Of course, you do not have to have all lamps of a series. If several different lamp types are needed, the natural choice would be to buy for example a floor lamp, a pendant and a table lamp from the same series. That is how you can get the best outcome of your lamp series.

Choosing a lamp series or a family of lamp series may give you the needed inspiration for alternative lighting solutions. You could think about for example using a pendant in a corner in the living room instead of the more traditional way of a floor lamp. You might like the design and therefore decide for another solution within the same lamp series as the one you first thought of.

In addition, the designer has conceived the lamp series as a whole set, which only achieves their full effect when the individuell lamps are allowed to support each other through the furnishing of the home.

Inspiration for choosing a lamp series

Which lamp series should be chosen? It depends on which interior design style you already have. If you like simple, Scandinavian design, AndLight recommends the Sectos series - all made from Scandinavian woods. An example would be the Secto 4201 Pendant. All lamps from Secto have been produced by skilled finnish craftsmen and appear magnificent and airy at the same time. Another example is the Made-by-Hand Knit-Wit series with its simple design that stands out of the crowd. The Knit-Wit series is available in three different sizes and features a very advanced 3D knitting technology that has never been used before for lamp designs.

On the other hand, if you appreciate the story behind the design, AndLight recommend the Bestlites lamp series. It is known for standing on Winston Churchill´s desk durning World War II in form of the BL1 table lamp. Bestlite´s story began in the 1930s, what means that the lamps have a really long tradition. 

If you prefer the obvious exclusive style, AndLight suggests the Foscarini Caboche, which is available in a transparent and gold edition. This ensures that the lamps match the desired style. The large pendants and floor lamps look good in large, open spaces, while the table lamp fits best on the bed or coffee table.

There are many other lamp series in our range, so take yourself time to look at the different series. Find the inspiration you need before making a decision.

Lamp series in high quality and good design

Here at AndLight, the most important think is high quality and a good design from our manufacturer. Therefore you can be sure to always get a high quality lamp when ordering a lamp from us. We ensure this through the continuous dialogue with our lamp manufacturers, in which we have a big voice in relation to the quality assurance of their future products. That is why we can vouch for the high quality of all our lamp series.

Good design is also matter of individual taste. That is why we at AndLight strive to have as much assortment as possible - there is a lamp series for every taste and style. In addition, the design of the lamp should fit the furniture of your home. It is a good idea to think about several lamp series. Therefore we gathered the most popular lamp series of our assortment here, so you can find inspiration among the favorites of other customers. However, you can also click on the Tab "lamp series" at the top of our homepage, where you will find an overview of all lamp series in our assortment.

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