For Martinelli Luce it's not about the science behind light and lamp but more about the personal aspect of mounting a lamp. With almost 70 years of experience, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality. Furthermore, design, innovation and creativity are the most important aspects for everyone at Martinelli Luce .

At the lamp company, the attitude to the world is one of the most important values that Elio Martinelli has passed on as father and creator of the Martinelli Luce brand. The inspiration has also come from the outside. Within the company, they are very flexible with their ideas; no idea is too crazy nor too simple.

The lines of the lamps are simple and extreme at the same time. For the people behind the lamps, these philosophies and values the most simple ones and yet they're essential to the success of Martinelli Luce.

Popular lamps from Martinelli Luce

Martinelli Luce is a brand that has helped shape the history of design and it is evident that the company has some special elements.

Lamps such as the Cobra by Elio Martinelli and the Pipistrello by Gae Aulenti are exhibited in several museums worldwide, e.g. New York's MoMa and in Triennale Di Milano in Italy.

A particularly interesting lamp is the Cobra that is now available in a nice red colour after celebrating its 50th birthday. The red colour makes the natural dynamic of the lamp appear even more powerful.

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Martinelli & Co.

The grand mind behind Martinelli Luce is the creator of the company, Elio Martinelli .

He got his art diploma in Florence. After working for his father for a few years, he chose to start his own company in the city of Lucca near Florence. From then on, the brand Martinelli Luce has had a firm grip in the design world. Elio Martinelli was at the company every day until he passed away in 2004.

Today, his daughter, Emiliana Martinelli , who learned the trait from her father, has taken over the company and continues his ideas. She is on the board and has herself created many beautiful design.

Space Copenhagen Signe Bindslev Henriksen og Peter Bundgaard Rützou

The story behind Martinelli Luce

Martinelli Luce describe their achievements in their 70-year history: investments in materials, production technology and the search for great designs.

Nature has always been an important source of inspiration at Martinelli Luce alongside innovative and experimental ideas. Their goal is to have a clear vision of the world of design rather than running a business with salesman logic. They do this through their products, through the lines, the personality, the light. They are a heritage that hasn't merely survived for seven decades but one that has had success throughout them all.

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Martinelli Luce